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PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 27, 2018 – XceptionalED, LLC (XED) has merged with the successful podcast productions and intellectual property of SpeechScience, Inc. The merger reinforces both companies’ ultimate goal of providing globally accessible, credible and timely information in their industries.  Both companies focus on the special needs and rehabilitation industries while supporting the growing community of entrepreneurs.


An all-women company, XED offers online courses to support parents and professionals in special education through a unique shared economy marketplace.


SpeechScience, Inc. highlights information and leaders in the areas of speech-language pathology and assistive technology through weekly podcasts (SpeechScience Podcast hosts: Matt Hott MA, CCC-SLP and Lucas Steuber MA/MS, CCC-SLP and Talking With Tech hosts: Rachel Madel MA, CCC-SLP, Chris Bugaj MA CCC-SLP, and Lucas Steuber MS, CCC-SLP) and related blog topics.


With 12,000 listeners and 1,800 downloads per day, Talking With Tech (podcast) reaches 10% of US Speech-Language pathologists. The podcast has achieved a #6 ranking in the Itunes “Education” Category and #58 overall out of 152,000 iTunes podcasts.


As a result of this merger, the newly formed Xceptional Alliances, Inc., will serve as the executive lead to XED and Xceptional Podcast Network, LLC.  They will align as sister companies while they continue to execute growth strategies.


Those strategies include, increasing the suite of technology products available to special needs and rehabilitation professionals as well as parents.  The goal is to minimize the cost of continuing education in this space and enhance the quality of services provided.


“Through the podcast medium, SpeechScience Podcast has transformed how people learn about hot topics and access individual leaders in the speech therapy industry.  Talking With Tech (podcast) provides actionable recommendations and valuable insight to the assistive technology community.

Joining with XED allows listeners to expand their knowledge further while also achieving continuing education credit and visual support through the online course platform.” said Lucas Steuber, SpeechScience CEO and Cofounder.  He will join Xceptional Alliances, Inc. as Vice President of Client Relationships and Content Management. “My initial vision was simply to bring together thought leaders and make their knowledge easily accessible to our industry, and now it’s time to expand our efforts and maximize the value of that information.”


“I am excited to welcome the SpeechScience team to the Xceptional group. SpeechScience represents a powerful platform that is changing the way people access information.” said Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP, XED CEO and Cofounder. “They have created an impressive resource that combines expertise and useful knowledge with an element of fun that makes learning very engaging as well as interesting.” She will continue to lead the global initiatives through Xceptional Alliances, Inc. as CEO.


The merger will provide professionals and parents access to:

  • Online courses created by industry thought leaders
  • Continuing Education Certificates
  • Podcasts focused on special needs, assistive technology, and rehabilitation


Content is created by entrepreneurs who receive ongoing support in the areas of:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Course Creation
  • Podcast Creation


“In order to fully support the entrepreneurs creating content, we have designed systems specific to the market that help them worry less about the “how” and focus fully on their message.” says Nicole Zeno, XED Cofounder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Xceptional Alliances, Inc. “We believe the combination of unique expertise in this area with established technology platforms, will lower the barrier of entry as well as increase overall success with course and podcast creation.”


Now as part of the Xceptional Alliances, Inc. family, XED and the SpeechScience team will continue to invest in making valuable information accessible to the international special needs and rehabilitation communities.  This will empower experts to share knowledge and expand their earning capabilities through new technologies.


June 28, 2018


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