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PHOENIX, AZ, April 25, 2018 – AZ based entrepreneurs, Mai Ling Chan (Speech language pathologist) and Nicole Zeno (technology entrepreneur), along with their all women team, have launched a digital marketplace unique to the special education industry. XceptionalEd.com is focused on integrating a profitable revenue share model to professional development while individually supporting accomplished presenters, authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the niche of special education.  The goal is to widen the reach of the special education community as well as extend their message globally through online learning.


XceptionalED (XED) offers special education presenters an international platform and opportunity for both residual and passive income within the increasingly popular “peer economy” or “Peer-to-Peer” (P2P) economy.


Chan says, “We all know it is increasingly more cost and time prohibitive to attend every convention we want to and the On-Demand market access to amazing presentations can supplement for the ones you are unable attend in person.”


Entering the $57 billion dollar On-Demand Market, and the $150 billion self-paced e-learning market, XceptionalED is already standing out and creating a buzz.  The company has streamlined access to both markets by focusing on a comprehensive package of individualized support to create and sell online courses and podcasts.


In addition to an easy-to-use and comprehensive learning management software (LMS), the XED team provides 1:1 consultation for marketing, branding, online course and podcast creation. “We’re not just pumping out course completion certificates. We’re helping our presenters create a legacy that will extend around the world and truly affect people’s lives.” The XED Leaders who create the courses do not have deep knowledge or experience in entrepreneurism, branding, and marketing, which would enable them to extend their professional knowledge beyond in-person presentation opportunities. “This is where XED comes in. We help thought leaders enter the online marketplace with a personal consultant on their team. Their success is our success.” says Chan.


Built by an all-women owned team of experts including Christie Mayer, an award winning brand designer, Danielle Reed, Speech Language Pathologist, and Dawn Flores, Speech Language Pathologist, XED unites a community of presenters who are also experts, focused in specialties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (DHD), Assistive Technology (AT) Devices, and Speech-Language Pathology.


XceptionalED launched the site on April 2, 2018, via an online conference offering two live webinar courses per day for five days. 21 presenters from around the world provided expert recommendations in speech language pathology software applications being used to support special education goals. As a result, 2,500 students registered and had access to the online webinars, course completion certificates, and the ability to earn achievement badges.


“We are able to connect people from all around the world without the cost of travel. This allows knowledge share to go further and for people to benefit from services which they may not of had access to otherwise.” says Zeno.


According to Chan, “We may not be reinventing the wheel concerning online learning, but we are shining a light on the path to alternative income streams for valuable thought leaders in special education. This makes the world more accessible and ultimately, people will be able to help more people.”


XceptionalED is a marketplace of online courses and “how to” podcasts connecting thought leaders with people who want to help more people with special needs.
June 28, 2018


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