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Visit the conference website or xceptionaled.com to register for courses and conferences.  You will need to create an XceptionalED account to take courses.

SLPs we have you covered!

XceptionalED Certificate courses can be submitted to ASHA as an acceptable professional development activity.

You will earn Certificate Maintenance Hours (CMHs) and be given a certificate for all eligible completed courses.

We abide by ASHA Guidelines:


Our certificates fulfill ASHA Record Keeping Requirements:


ASHA Registry and ACE Award:
We are not an ASHA approved CE provider and our courses and conferences will not be submitted to the ASHA CE registry. XceptionalED courses will not count towards the ASHA ACE Award.



CALIFORNIA: We are a Continuing Professional Development Provider by the Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board for the State of California SLP. Check Course Description for courses which qualify.

ARIZONA: The majority of courses are approved for Arizona Department of Health Licensure. Check Course Description for courses which qualify.

AOTA:  We are not an approved AOTA provider.


Yes! A signed certificate will be provided to you at the completion of each eligible* course and you will be able to print or save the certificate.

*Please see course description to determine which courses are “Course Certificate” eligible.

You need to complete the quiz within 24hours of the completion of the live webinar in order to have the word “LIVE” printed on your course certificate.

Badges represent various accomplishments in your learning on XceptionalED.  You will earn these for completing various courses and tasks on the site.

At this time, to receive credit and a certificate, each learner will need to register for the course/conference and complete each course quiz.

Of course! We encourage students, parents, professionals, community members, etc. to take our courses.  Please read the course descriptions to see if the content would be of interest to you. We recommend contacting your licensing agency to verify that your completed courses will be accepted towards your professional development requirements.

A promo code provides a discount and is generally shared by XceptionalED during our conferences and special events. We occasionally offer different promo codes through social media or in our emails.

A contact button is visible by the Leader’s name and on their bio page.  If provided, the Leader’s social media accounts will also be visible to you.  Feel free to use these options to contact.

XceptionalED accepts PayPal. Once you’ve added the courses you want to purchase into your cart, click “View Cart” and then select “Checkout.” Upon checkout, you’ll be able to select the payment option of your choice and follow the instructions to complete your transaction.

At this time we do not support purchase orders.  A company/district credit card may be utilized in purchasing a course via paypal.

Definitely!  We welcome learners from all over the globe to learn on our site!

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We inspire and empower professionals and parents to help more people with special needs through online courses.

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