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Xceptional Leaders

Listen and launch your big idea to help more people with disabilities.

Learn priceless tips and first hand experience stories from weekly podcast interviews of successful entrepreneurs and amazing people who focus their efforts on helping people with disabilities.

Disability entrepreneurs experience many of the same “HOW” challenges as the traditional entrepreneur, with the addition of the unique challenge of parenting, supporting, and/or loving someone WITH a disability ~ and this fundamentally changes their “WHY.

Listen to real experiences, helpful tips, and intimate stories of how they have grown sustainable businesses.

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About Mai Ling

Welcome to a community of people like YOU who have fantastic ideas and are making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I have experienced successes and failures in business. And I accept that both are necessary to build resilience, strength, and growth.

Building on a strong family history of real estate of investment and business development, I am blessed to bring these skills to building online courses and podcasting.

Although I have had my share of “in the trenches” learning regarding accounting, legal issues, product development, marketing, etc., I have always sought out and valued the insight I have gained from experts in these areas.

I can’t count all of the “golden nuggets” that have helped me look at things a different way, reassess my path, make a stronger plan, and increase my honesty with myself. All areas of growth in my life are largely due to my curiosity and open-mindedness.

And this is why I chose to focus on Xceptional Leaders for my podcast.

We all need to hear how other people got started, what they’ve learned, what they would do better, and what keeps them going.

I know that my purpose is to help amazing people like you ~ help MORE people.

So, that’s why I’m reaching out and asking people to share their stories with us.

In addition to leading the XED team and having fun with my podcast guests, I’m a mom to 3 amazing people and I love waking up to a new day with my best friend, my husband.

What’s my typical day like?

During my 24 hours I choose to help children communicate, connect with family and friends, learn from amazing disability entrepreneurs, network and learn from fantastic Phoenix, AZ leaders, work with Leaders to create courses at XceptionalED, play with my mini australian shepherd, “do yoga”,  and sleep a full 8 hours so that I am ready for my next adventure!

Thank you for joining us, and I truly hope you enjoy listening!

Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP

About XED

We inspire and empower professionals and parents to help more people with special needs through online courses.

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