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Mark Barlet: Making Video Games Accessible to All

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In this episode Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj (and later just Chris) take over the episode to talk about accessible gaming! We welcome Mark Barlet of AbleGamers to talk about their work in making recreation available to everyone.

Interview Notes:

  • Chris explain how he met Mark Barlet
  • Mark discusses what Ablegamers is all about
  • Mark talks about using videos games to escape
  • Video games as a social experience with meaningful friends
  • Mark talks about how Ablegamers was founded
  • Mark talks about how Ablegamers blossomed to what it is today
  • The focus changes from add single feature for single user to designing games for everyone because the market demands it
  • All game companies are building accessibility features into their design
  • Now Ablegamers is building new technologies with 3D printing
  • Ablegamers is reaching out to build game centers in places where people with disabilities are located
  • First steps to making games more accessible in schools
  • Getting administrators involved
  • Tablets are cracking the idea that games are meant for home only
  • Find someone who is passionate about games to lead the endeavor
  • Some schools have after school gaming clubs
  • Making games and coding could be part of STEM curriculum
  • When people come to Ablegamers, what do people do?
  • Ablegamers skew more to people with physical disabilities but are growing to people with cognitive disabilities or others
  • Ablegamers do an assessment

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Hosts: Rachael Madel, Lucas Steuber, and Chris Bugaj

Producer: Luke Padgett

Audio Editor: Lucas Steuber

Music: “Ebb and Flow” by Fabian Measures

November 27, 2018

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