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Erin Compton: Adopting Two Children with Cerebral Palsy and Getting Started With AAC

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Erin Compton is a mom to 13 children who blogs about family life, adoption, special needs and AAC learning. As a homeschool instructor she has over 20 years of experience working with young language learners. Through the recent adoption of two sons with cerebral palsy, the family has started on an AAC journey to find voices for their sons.

Interview Show Notes:

  • Adopting two sons with cerebral palsy from an orphanage in China
  • In the beginning of AAC it’s more about educating yourself than educating your child
  • Spreading the AAC gospel
  • AAC is a journey and belief that your child is capable is the first step
  • Erin’s experience homeschooling 13 kids and the disbelief that she’s encountered.
  • How the comfort of home is typically the first place you see communication happens
  • Making modeling a whole family experience
  • The power of peer modeling
  • The first time Erin heard the word “mama”
  • The importance of SLPs working together with parents
  • International perceptions of special needs children and the high incidence of abandonment
  • Karma and how it plays into special needs perceptions in China
  • Experience of touring a Chinese orphanage with 700 children

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Hosts: Rachael Madel and Lucas Steuber

Audio Editor: Lucas Steuber

Music: “Ebb and Flow” by Fabian Measures

October 17, 2018

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