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AAC Apps Update - Part 2

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This week, the TWT team is pleased to share the second half of the AAC Apps Update 2018! This conference session was originally presented by Lucas, Chris, and Rachel as part of the Special Apps Update Conference 2018.


Key ideas this week include:


🔑 Important features to look for in AAC applications.

🔑 Using parallel-talk vs self-talk when working with adults over 60

🔑 App ideas & strategies when facing a challenging AAC assessment.


Before Part 2 of the AAC Apps Update:

  • Rachel tells the tale of injuring her hand recently
  • Rachel’s hand injury will heal; this has made her grateful that it is temporary, and given her more empathy for others who have permanent injuries and disabilities.
  • Jill Senner & Matt Baud came and did a training at Chris’s school district.
  • Knowing how to help others is a different set of skills than those needed to coach people who help others.
  • Using common words to talk about aided language input with communication partners – if coaches, teachers, etc use the same vocabulary regarding aided language input, it is easier to provide feedback and collaborate together
  • Two types of descriptive teaching – parallel talk vs self talk
  • Idea of the “rule of 22” – you need to see something 22 times before you accept it as something yo know


Topics in Part 2 of the AAC Apps Update

  • Features to look for when selecting an AAC app
  • Ideas for integrating AAC apps into your practice
  • Strategies and recommendations that are part of a comprehensive AAC evaluation

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Listen to Part 1 of the AAC Apps Update, then head to bit.ly/techceu to earn CEU credit for listening to both of these episodes!

How We Do It: S’MORRES and Partner Augmented Input with Dr. Jill Senner & Matthew Baud


Hosts: Rachael Madel and Chris Bugaj

Producer: Luke Padgett

Audio Engineer: Michaela Ball

Music: “Ebb and Flow” by Fabian Measures

July 10, 2019

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