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Episode 80: SLPs Helping SLPs, FAS and Receptive Language, Reading and Better Parenting, Aggies Achieve, and Stroke Recovery

We at Speech Science are heart broken for the families and friends affected on the Western Part of Ohio.  Because of this, Speech Science has started emergency.speechsciencepodcast.com to allow SLPs to help other SLPs when therapy materials are destroyed due to natural disasters.

Children with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) exhibit atypical auditory behaviors.  The study this week looks into the impact FAS has on the receptive language of children.  Parents who read to their children may be better parents according to a study out of Rutgers.  Reading with children may be a predictor to the type of parenting style you will employ.  Out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is a wonderful story about a young stroke patient and her recovery thanks to her SLP.  Lastly, Texas A&M has created a program to allow young adults, no matter the disability, to attend college courses.

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June 1, 2019

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