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Our Team

Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP

CEO & Co-Founder


Nicole Zeno

CSO & Co-Founder


Lucas Steuber MA, MS, CCC-SLP

VP & Co-Founder

Christie Mayer

CCO & Co-Founder

Danielle Reed MS, CCC-SLP

CXO & Co-Founder


Dawn Flores MS, CCC-SLP

Director Continuing Ed

Luke Padgett, J.D.

Executive Podcast Producer

Matt Hott MS, CCC-SLP

Podcast Director | SpeechScience

Susan Berkowitz MS, CCC-SLP

Blog Director

Rachel Madel MS, CCC-SLP

Podcast Director | Talking With Tech


Chris Bugaj MS, CCC-SLP

Podcast Host | Talking With Tech

Michaela Ball

Audio Engineer | Talking With Tech

About XED

We inspire and empower professionals and parents to help more people with special needs through online courses.

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