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    If you need to acquire some wiring projects done in your house, you need excellent electric wires. So, it is necessary that you select quality product. This will be relevant from safety perspective. Plus, quality wires can save you on the power bills in the future. If you are searching for purchasing advise for electric wires, this informative article will help. Keep reading.

    With your local market, you can find a great deal of electric sellers just for this kind of product. Therefore, it might be a bit tricky so that you can select the right seller. However, to become proficient, we have listed some features that you can look out for in the wires you need to buy.


    Usually, 2 kinds of materials are used for making electric wires: Aluminum and copper. If you’d like them for home wiring, we suggest that you always opt for copper quality. In addition to this, you should go for wires with multiple strands as opposed to single-strand wires. The biggest thing is the wire must have a good mark called ISI. Secondly, you should seek out the electrolytic grade. Is always that you get copper wires with an electrolytic grade of 99.97%.

    Size the wire

    Normally the most popular size of the wires is between 1 sq mm and 4 sq mm. For AC points, the recommended size is 4 or 6 sq mm. For light points, the widely used dimension is 1.5 sq mm and so on. It is important to select the correct size or you might be squandering your cash unnecessarily thick wires.

    Insulation with the wire

    Usually, good electric wires include three layers of insulation. The first layer offers protection from water. The 2nd layer offers defense against heat along with the third layer gives defense against fire. Typically, fire as well as heat resistant products feature a quality mark of HRFR. Ideally, you should seek out wires that will withstand a temperature that could reach over 100 Celsius.

    Wire insulation color

    As there are three phases, you should choose three different colors for your wires. Mostly, black is for the neutral wire. Green is utilized for the earth wire. But keep in mind that large for your neutral and earth can be different in line with the country your house is in. As an example, in the usa, the live wires may be blue, red or black. However, the neutral is white or gray. In India, conversely, the pin could be the earth wire.

    Entire wire

    You should check the space by studying the pack. For the coil pack, read the space along with the rates of the wires. Usually, the length is presented in meters and quite a few coils have 90 meters.

    So, these records will let you select the right copper wires for your house electric wiring.

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