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Tracy Sippl


Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed, American Telemedicine Association-Program Certified, experienced Speech/Language Pathologist, Teletherapist; and the owner of Pediatric Comunication therapy located in Seymour, WI. She became a Teletherapist in 2012. She was invited to be a panelist for ASHA’s SIG18 online chat, “Telepractice in Your School: Determining What Telepractice Models and Providers Are a Good Fit for Your District.” Ms. Sippl has created multiple YouTube, instructional videos for the use of platforms such as WebEx and GoToMeeting, along with providing consultation services helping other SLPs begin their teletherapy journey. She has created online teletherapy courses providing ASHA-approved, continuing education credits. She is a frequent presenter and has a keen interest in- and commitment to- improving teletherapy services for both the provider and the client. Ms. Sippl has been an active member of ASHA since 1989 and was recently elected to ASHA’s SIG18 Coordinating Committee. The majority of her 29 years in the field of Speech/Language Pathology has been in the public school setting. She has contributed articles about Teletherapy, as well as language therapy, featured in the ASHA Leader and ASHASphere.

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