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    Games help out with keeping our own bodies and minds healthy. Games especially play an intrinsic role in a student’s life. Most of the time, parents ask their children to pay attention to studies and not waste their time in playing games. But, what they don’t understand is the fact that games and sports help out with instilling feeling of discipline in the student to make them fit mentally and physically. It assists to in building the self-confidence of the child. It also brings about the introduction of social skills and reduces stress.

    When children play, they be able to figure out how to connect to new people. They feel more comfortable in socializing and making new friends. Also, when kids indulge themselves in games, believe that stress-free. People that play some game or the other are recognized to have lesser chances of depression. Doing offers also teach a child to function in teams. Games have to have a child to have cooperation and coordination using the team members to acheive success. Hence, a child in a young age learns the value of working in teams by using games.

    People also tend to be happier after they play games. Additionally, it teaches these to have the capability to deal with emotional and physical pain. Schools should stress the significance of games and sports within a student’s life. People who find themselves in sports have excelled and also have always talked about how you should let a child play. Studies are important but games are important too. Be it indoor games like carom, ping pong, chess or outdoor games like cricket, football, Kabaddi, basketball or another game that this child finds interesting, parents should encourage them. Parents ought to be children’s motivator and will understand that games and sports are as vital as studies.

    Studying continuously may make the little one feel pressurized and tensed. Games are a good way to de-stress and luxuriate in life. Not winning contests makes a child very dull and introvert. He/she efforts to hide behind books at all times rather than talk with people. Books do make someone knowledgeable but sports and games teach life lessons which come into use at a later stage in life. You should let the children to experience and do the things they enjoy. This is the stage each time a child grows and learns about various things. Games enable them to learn and luxuriate in life.

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