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Kate Ahern is an intensive special needs teacher, certified for ages birth through adult in Massachusetts, and an assistive technology specialist and AAC specialist. She has spent twenty years working with children and young adults who have complex communication needs, as a teacher, camp director and consultant. She also is the author of a popular special education blog and moderates several social media groups about augmentative and alternative communication. Kate is often asked to guest speak or provide training about many issues in the field of complex communication needs. Regardless of what the social media ad says you shouldn’t call her “Katie”, just a tip!

When Life Gives You Lemons: The Invention of an Online AAC School

Certification | 1hr

Classroom Design for AAC Success

Certification | 1hr


Getting Started with Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Motivate, Model, Move Out of the Way

Certification | 1hr

Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Certification | 1hr


Angelman Syndrome, Apraxia, Anxiety & AAC

Certification | 1hr


Visual Supports and Video Models for AAC

Certification | 1hr

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