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Special Apps Update Conference

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Monday 3/25/19 5PM PST / 8PM EST

There are so many apps out there, how do I know where ones are good? I know…use an app search engine…….wait there are so many of those as well. I will show you some of the most effective search engines for apps that locate and filter apps to locate ones that address specific deficit areas or need areas for children with disabilities. Then we will explore some of my favorite apps (free or inexpensive) and how they can support your students’ educational, social, organizational and behavioral needs. This will be a fast-paced and fun session.


States approved for CEU: CA

Number of hours: 1.0

Instructional Level: Advanced


Learning Outcomes: 
1) Participants will be able to identify at least 2 different search engines to locate apps to utilize when working with students with disabilities.
2) Participants will be able to utilize a minimum of 3 different apps demonstrated to enhance social skills or communication skills when working with students with disabilities
3) Participants will be able to utilize a minimum of 3 different apps demonstrated to enhance organization skills when working with students with disabilities


Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.


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