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Description: Parents, teachers, and therapists would agree that music is a highly motivating medium for student learning. We also know that visual strategies support our struggling learners. Put this together, and we have ‘songboards’ to scaffold learning across the curriculum. This workshop offers new strategies for accessing songs, and for using songs to support learning. The focus of this webinar will be on: independence, interaction, and important goals. The focus will be on supporting language and communication for all students, with special strategies for students who use AAC. Targets include: supporting students in learning vocabulary, categorization, concepts, grammar, and question forms. This webinar will include lecture and demonstration.

States approved for 1 hour CEU: CA

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe two ways songboards can support general student learning.
2. Describe how songboards can be used to support skills including: – Vocabulary growth – Concept development – Categorization
3. Summarize light tech supports to enhance student interaction when using songboards to support language.

5 minutes: Introduction and Disclosures
10 minutes: Overview of Songboards
40 minutes: Sample Songboards to Support Language and Communication
5 minutes: Conclusion and Wrapup

Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED. Caroline Musselwhite offers books and a CD for sale. She also makes free materials available to attendees, and will offer the CD at a greatly reduced price to attendees ($5 instead of $35) following the course.

Course Disclosure: Caroline will talk about materials from a variety of resources, including materials that will be generated by participants following this course.

Course Instructions:

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Course Reviews


18 ratings
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  1. Using Songboards to Support Communication: Focused on AAC


    Awesome presentation, great ideas given to have kids and young adult engaging in literacy.

  2. Excellent


    Engaging presentation with so many therapy ideas!

  3. Helpful & fun!


    Caroline Musslewhite’s presentation was helpful and fun. I like how she gave lots of specific therapy ideas.

  4. Amazing!


    Great information and thank you so much for sharing resources with us! It is very helpful to have some materials easily accessible to start implementing and then adding to. Such wonderful strategies that are research based. Caroline is always a wonderful presenter.

  5. Fun and engaging as always


    Love Caroline’s workshops and presentations and this one did not disappoint. Looking forward to using the songs and ideas with my students this week!

  6. AAC genius


    Carol mussellwhite provides fun and easy ideas to help implement AAC practice with music boards.

  7. Informative


    Good course for educators and SLPs. All activities can be augmented for older children.

  8. AAC music


    Using simple music boards incorporates AAC in fun ways for students of all ages.

  9. Sing us a song, you're the AAC (wo)man


    Love that this only needs a little prep work for huge rewards! Can be used by parents, siblings, teachers, paras, related services and more! FANTASTIC!!!!

  10. Great Presenter!


    Lots of practical information that you can implement right away.

  11. 5

    great tips and suggestions, not only for using songboards but for modeling on AAC individually and for a group as well.

  12. 5

    Awesome ideas! Wish I could learn more!!!

  13. Awesome!


    This was an excellent presentation with great information that is practical and useful! Caroline makes it LOOK easy and makes me feel like trying it!

  14. 5

    Such great information and resources!

  15. Using Songboards to Support Communication: Focused on AAC


    Caroline always provides a great wealth of information that can be used for so many students.
    Thank you

  16. Great course


    I love all the ideas and activities

  17. Sing a Song of Awesome


    This webinar provided amazingly awesome and practical tips for how to use make and use materials that helps students learn language through the use of songs. Creating and using song boards is a great strategy for helping communication partners learn how to implement an AAC device. A must watch webinar for anyone working in class with students learning language through the use of AAC.

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  • Course Certificate

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