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Description: Parents, teachers, and therapists would agree that music is a highly motivating medium for student learning. We also know that visual strategies support our struggling learners. Put this together, and we have ‘songboards’ to scaffold learning across the curriculum. This workshop offers new strategies for accessing songs, and for using songs to support learning. The focus of this webinar will be on: independence, interaction, and important goals. The focus will be on supporting language and communication for all students, with special strategies for students who use AAC. Targets include: supporting students in learning vocabulary, categorization, concepts, grammar, and question forms. This webinar will include lecture and demonstration.

States approved for 1 hour CEU: AZ, CA

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe two ways songboards can support general student learning.
2. Describe how songboards can be used to support skills including: – Vocabulary growth – Concept development – Categorization
3. Summarize light tech supports to enhance student interaction when using songboards to support language.

5 minutes: Introduction and Disclosures
10 minutes: Overview of Songboards
40 minutes: Sample Songboards to Support Language and Communication
5 minutes: Conclusion and Wrapup

Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED. Caroline Musselwhite offers books and a CD for sale. She also makes free materials available to attendees, and will offer the CD at a greatly reduced price to attendees ($5 instead of $35) following the course.

Course Disclosure: Caroline will talk about materials from a variety of resources, including materials that will be generated by participants following this course.

Course Instructions:

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