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Have you wondered what applications (or Apps) are useful to treat various Speech/Language disorders during teletherapy? Do you have some Apps on your iPad that you would like to share with your clients as part of their treatment but you aren’t sure how to use them on your PC? What if I told you there are free Apps available through Google Chrome that can link directly to your Google webpage? Well, hold onto your headset because this 1-hour presentation will discuss how to mirror your iPad, sharing it with your client via your teletherapy platform, as well as how to locate and save useful Google Chrome Apps right on your Chrome web page for quick and easy access during teletherapy using a PC (use with Mac computers is not included in this presentation)!

States approved for CEU: AZ, CA

Tracy Sippl M.S., CCC-SLP

Instruction Level:
Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe how to mirror an iPad onto his/her computer desktop for use during the provision of teletherapy services.
  2. List various iPad applications that can be useful to enhance teletherapy services.
  3. Describe how to search for, and save, Google Chrome applications for teletherapy purposes.



4-minutes – Introductions and Disclosures

12-minutes – Types of Mirroring applications and how to use them

12-minutes – Types of iPad Apps I use for teletherapy

12-minutes – How to search for useful Google Chrome Apps

10-minutes – How to save the Apps to your Google webpage for easy access

5-minutes – Taking a screenshot of Apps to assign as homework

5-minutes – Wrap-Up and Questions


Financial/Non-Financial Disclosures:

This course was originally offered as part of the Special Apps Update 2018 Online Conference sponsored by Smarty Ears.

All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

Tracy Sippl receives compensation from materials on her Teachers-pay-Teachers website, and recorded classes about providing teletherapy services and resources that are available. She also receives income from her course library at XceptionalED.com

Course Sponsor:

This course is sponsored by Therapy Source, as part of the Special Apps Update 2018 Online Conference.
There is no relationship to the content shared within the course.


Course Instructions:

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  2. Return to this course and click on “Start Course”.
  3. To obtain a Course Certificate
    1. Complete the Course Evaluation
    2. Achieve 80% on the Quiz

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  1. Straight to the point!


    Thank you! I felt like your presentation was chock-full of great information and I appreciated that you didn’t waste any time. Thanks!

  2. Speech language apps for telepractice


    It was generally informative.

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