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I am biased when it comes to writing. Everyone has a story, a passion, and expertise to share; and your own experience and purpose gives you a unique vantage point for understanding and discovery. So, let me be clear: I believe that everyone – including YOU – not only wants to write a book, but they already have it inside them. You have this concept, tool, story, vision or course bubbling in your brain – and no idea how to get it out.

Well, it’s time to write your book – and I am here to help you.

You’ve got a message to share that will encourage and inspire others. You have been thinking about it for some time now, collecting notes and ideas; and imagining the possibilities. Yes, writing can be exciting, liberating, and fulfilling. It can also be confusing, complicated, frustrating, and lonely. BUT YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now is the time to write your book – and I am excited to work with you.

Sign up today for this introductory glimpse into my writing course, Now is the Time to Write Your Book. I will help you find your voice, organize your thoughts, and, start writing. You will immediately recognize and learn to navigate obstacles in front of you with proven tips and tricks.

And, you will also discover you CAN do this. Instead of sitting in front of an empty page or screen and blaming yourself, step out of that sense of overwhelm and let’s begin to build your confidence and word count.

Yes, now is definitely the time to write your book – and I am ready for us to get started.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Articulate the critical elements of your book.
2. Discover your own important questions about writing a book.
3. Identify some potential roadblocks you face.


Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

Dr Mallary Tytel is president and founder of Healthy Workplaces, a for-profit corporation founded in 2003. She is also Chairman and Co-Founder of the Simple Rules Foundation and a faculty member at Grand Canyon University.

Dr Tytel will receive a percentage of the fees from some but not all of her courses offered through XceptionalEd. She is also the author of seven books. If your participation in these courses lead you to purchase any of Dr Tytel’s books, 100% of all proceeds from the sales of these books will go to support the work of the Simple Rules Foundation.

Dr Tytel is a volunteer with the Simple Rules Foundation receives no compensation from her participation with this nonprofit organization.

The methods and models used here have been researched and are based upon Dr Tytel’s own theoretical background, expertise, and practice. In addition, Dr Tytel may access and freely cite the wide body of literature available on adult learning, instructional design, writing, and publishing, in addition to other relevant tools from related interdisciplinary fields.

Course Instructions:

  1. Sign up for this course.
  2. Return to this course and click on “Start Course”.

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