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MMSM (Minimal Movements SpecializationMethod) technique: Introduced by Dr.Weiss, was designed as a voice coaching technique for singers and actors. This relatively new fascinating technique may become a powerful weapon against stuttering as well since it features not one good voice but a thousand good voices…the patient is learning how to control his vocal output using minimal movements of his speech muscles, making it possible to change the voice output in a thousand different ways, so you could have a different speech pattern every day.

Recommended for: Professional voice users, actors, singers, choir singers and opera singers, Professors, lawyers, teachers, secretaries, telemarketing people, salesmen, cheerleaders.

Gal Levy will not teach the technique itself- It is a friendly talk on all aspects of this new generation innovative technique…only in live webinar/recording.

Number of hours:  1.0
Instructional Level: Advanced


Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn about the idea behind MMSM.
2. See the advantage for professional voice users.
3. Compare to old school voice techniques.
4. Know limitations in clinical work with MMSM.
5. Learn about 1000 good voices as outcome from MMSM.


Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:

All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

Not teaching the technique itself !!! Just friendly talk on all aspects of the technique…all rights reserved to Dr Weiss in Canada.


Course Instructions:

  1. Join Live Webinar
  2. Return to this course and click on “Start Course
  3. Click on “Join Webinar”

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