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Course Description:

It is widely known that we learn best when we are fully engaged in an activity. In my role as a full-time augmentative communication (AAC) consultant in the schools, I am always looking to add to the “toolbox” of engaging and effective therapeutic activities that I share with teams. Often, my go to activities include open-ended, reusable, free or low-cost activities that allow students to practice and expand a wide array of language functions. Since the release of the iPad in 2010, the number and quality of apps that can be used for language therapy has exploded. Often, apps that are not designed specifically for language therapy are some of the most exciting and effective tools! I have found that apps that use live photo and video filters, green screen effects, and augmented reality (AR) are a huge hit with both elementary and secondary school-students. In this session, we will explore a set of free and low cost iPad apps that can be used to target a variety of language skills in students with speech and language goals, including those learning to communicate with AAC. We will explore how these apps can be used to teach core vocabulary and a variety of language functions as well as encourage fun and exciting interactions between students, teachers, staff, and families.

States approved for 1 hour CEU: AZ, CA

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Learning Outcomes:
1. Name a live photo/video filter app and describe how to use that app to target a specific student language goal.
2. List three Augmented Reality (AR) apps that can be used in language therapy.
3. Describe how a green screen app can be used to revamp group language therapy sessions.

5 minutes-Introductions and Disclosures
10 minutes-Overview and Background
40 minutes-Discussion of Engaging iPad Apps and How They Can Be Used in Language Therapy
5 minutes-Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED. Lauren Enders receives speaking fees or honoraria as compensation for some of the presentations and workshops she delivers. Occasionally, she receives codes for apps or demo products for the purpose of trialing those apps or products with students prior to recommending apps or equipment. On occasion, she is given apps or products free of charge so that I can review the provided products and share my opinions about the products on my professional social media accounts. No relevant NON-financial relationships to disclose.

Course Instructions:

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