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This course will provide an overview of various iPad apps that can be used to facilitate social engagement in early learners. Attendees will learn implementation strategies to enhance a child’s ability to follow basic directions, respond to questions and have successful conversations. Screen time guidelines will also be discussed so that parents and professionals learn how to facilitate language across a variety of apps. The discussion will highlight the latest apps on the market and helpful resources for finding new apps to download.


States approved for CEU: AZ, CA
Number of hours: 1.0

Instructional Level: Intermediate


Learning Outcomes:
1. Implement communication strategies that promote connection and engagement during app play.
2. Adapt the same app for a variety of communicative purposes and for varying skill levels.
3. Assess the quality of an educational app and determine usability for communication development.


Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:
All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

Rachel Madel Speech Therapy Inc. (Owner)
Blog www.rachelmadel.com (sell online resources)
Talking with Tech Podcast (advertising revenue)
XceptionalED.com (income from professional development courses)
Member of ASHA, SIG 12, CSHA
App Consulting (EQTainment, Moment AR)


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