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Description: This course will address how to create a classroom which enhances AAC use and learning for individuals with complex communication needs. We will address strategies for the inclusion classroom and substantially separate classrooms. We will look at known strategies from engineering the classroom to using large and small group interventions as well as individual programming. Discussions will include all areas of communication competencies, vocabulary and literacy.

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  1. Inspiring Webinar


    so many great ideas for someone who’s even been into AAC for awhile!

  2. Informative


    Wonderful webinar. Extremely informative and packed with grab and use ideas for all levels and settings. Look forward to seeing more of these.

  3. Classroom Design for AAC Success


    Great course even with the tech issue. Loved her ideas about incorporating AAC throughout the classroom. I work with the preK population and struggle finding ways to help my students who use devices and those who don’t at the same time. Would love to add in a giant core word board as well as a core word wall into my classroom. Also loved seeing the color coding for parts of speech. What a help that would be! She mentioned descriptive teaching a few times and I wish she went into that topic a little more.

  4. Informative


    Thank you for this great webinar. It was extremely informative with many “grab and go” ideas to take and implement. I look forward to taking more of your courses.

  5. Useful tips


    Chock full of useful tips for incorporating aac succesfully

  6. 4

    Good for teachers, but most ideas can also be implemented by SLPs.

  7. Classroom Design for AAC Success


    Great examples for using AAC in the classroom!

  8. You can be successful, too


    Kate is so engaging. Even with technical difficulties, the message was still received. I am energized and motivated!!!

  9. Great!


    Very practical and helpful information. Kate presented at a wonderful pace and gave great examples on AAC implementation.

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