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This session will discuss the AAC related skills a student needs to develop independent communicative competence. We consider evaluation techniques using a protocol developed to assess specific AAC skills in naturalistic, interactive and personally motivating activities. The resulting understanding of an individual’s AAC skills and competence will assist professionals in selecting and customizing AAC solutions to best meet their individual’s needs.

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States approved for 1 hour CEU: AZ, CA


Vicki Clarke M.S. CCC-SLP

Instruction Level:

Learning Outcomes:

1. Student will be able to identify specific tools and techniques to assess AAC skills.
2. Student will be able to identify specific components of an AAC solution to meet their individual student’s needs.


5 minutes- Introductions and Disclosures

5 minutes- Overview and Background of AAC Assessment Needs

30 minutes- Discussion of Individual AAC Skills and Assessment Techniques

10 minutes- Case Study and Conclusions

10 minutes- Questions & Answers from Live Audience

Financial/Non-Financial Disclosures:

All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

Vicki Clarke is a salaried employee of Dynamic Therapy Associates, receiving compensation for AAC consultation and evaluation in public school systems. Mrs. Clarke, currently and historically has had non-financial professional relationships with several Speech Generating Device (SGD) manufacturers providing pro bono consultation, on request, for development of software, beta testing of equipment and software including Tobii Dynavox, Saltillo and Prentke Romich as well as AAC app developers. In addition, Mrs. Clarke facilitates institutional support to SGD manufacturers through support in organization of state and local community trainings.

Course Curriculum

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Course Reviews


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  1. Informative


    It was informative to see assessment with multiple devices.

  2. AAC Assessment V Clarke


    The best, most informative and current of this series and I did all 5 nites. Info was fast but great and helpful.

  3. Assessing Individual AAC Skills in Schools


    So many helpful and practical suggestions for completing AAC assessments. I found this webinar extremely helpful and the resources were great.

  4. Very Helpful!


    Thank you for including the DAGG-2 and other resources that we can use right away! Excellent presentation!

  5. Awesome!


    Thanks for including the DAGG-2 and other resources that we can use right away! Excellent presentation!

  6. Assessing Individual AAC Skills in Schools


    Vicki Clarke presented a straight forward system for assessment of AAC skills ability. She identified tools available for use in the assessment process. She described that it is not a clear cut process, with back and forth of looking at skills. She also identified how to handle situations when school districts select one program for AAC. Her experiences that she shared and expertise in conclusions were greatly appreciated!

  7. Assessing Individual AAC skills


    Practical course, useful information thank you.

  8. Assessing Individual AAC Skills in Schools


    Great information
    Dynamic speaker

  9. Assessing Individual AAC Skills in Schools


    Great information
    Dynamic speaker

  10. Breaking down steps in discriminating aac needs


    Useful handout- helps to break down steps to consider when assessing AAC skills

  11. 5

    Excellent presentation. Q & A’s were a plus.

  12. Awesome course


    This course have great pointers on how to assess for AAC and types of activities to provided to get great information on students’ abilities

  13. 5

    Highly recommend this course! Information presented has increased by confidence in providing functional assessment and progress monitoring of students readiness for AAC. Information presented can be applied immediately and differentiated to meet students where they are communicatively.

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