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This course looks intensively at the interaction of the neurological motor planning disorder of apraxia/dyspraxia as seen in Angelman Syndrome and the anxiety which is often present in those same individuals. We explore how anxiety and apraxia together can sometimes lead to negative communication-related behaviors, as well as other possible causes of such behaviors. Then we will look at options to support teaching communication, self-regulation and other skills to allow individuals with Angelman Syndrome to display more consistent positive behaviors and have an improved quality of life.

Resources include:

1. PowerPoint presentation for the course

2. Angelman Syndrome and Anxiety Checklist

3. Social Stories (in a variety of formats)

     Sometimes I Get Nervous

     Safe Hands When You Hug

     I Don’t Need to Throw

     Sometimes I have to Wait to Eat

     Leaving a Restaurant


States approved for CEU: AZ, CA
Number of hours: 1.5
Instructional Level: Intermediate


Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will be able to identify common behavioral occurrences in AS and adopt
communication strategies to help overcome these behaviors.
2. Participants will learn why it is important to use AAC to help mitigate behaviors in AS and
understand the impact AAC can have on an individual’s quality of life.
3. Participants will understand how apraxia and anxiety can impact the lives of individuals
with Angelman Syndrome.
4. Participants will learn how to use a variety of self-soothing and self-talk strategies to
help individuals reduce anxiety in Angelman Syndrome.


Financial/Non-financial Disclosures:

All presenters receive income from course library purchases at XceptionalED.

This course is brought to you in partnership with Angelman Academy, a project of Quincy’s Quest Foundation, a registered non-profit 501(c)(3), which will also receive a portion of the sales of this course at XceptionalED.


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