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About The Conference

Welcome to the Special Apps Update 2018 Conference!

Focusing on apps being used in special education and rehabilitation, 21 presenters are excited to share helpful updates on apps and creative ways to use them to ignite your therapy sessions.


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When: April 2 – 6, 2018
2 courses per day
4pm PT / 7 ET and 6pm PT / 9 ET


TOPICS: 10 sessions

  • AAC
  • Bilingual
  • Dysphagia
  • Engaging and Fun
  • How to Create an App
  • Medical
  • Speech Apps For Students
  • Social Media
  • Speech and Language
  • Teletherapy


How: Live and Recorded access
Live presentations will also be available for 1 week following the conference to allow you to watch the recorded version.


Certificate Maintenance Hours:
Download after completing course, quiz, and course survey.


Barbara Fernandes


Smarty Ears

Danielle Reed


Sublime Speech

Erik Raj


Erik X Raj Apps

Givona Sandiford


MeloComm Speech and Language Therapy

Mai Ling Chan



Katie Millican



Lauren Enders


Speech Language Pathologist

Lucas Steuber


Speech Science

Megan Sutton


Tactus Therapy

Christopher Bugai



Emily Ahern


Evolve Therapy

Mandi Schaumburg


Panda Speech

Mary Huston


Adventures in Speech

Rachel Jones


Let’s Talk Speech Therapy

Summer Loehr



Nikki Heyman

M.A. Speech Pathology

Talking Talk

Rachel Madel


Speech Language Pathologist

Susan Berkowitz


Language Learning Apps

Rinki Desai


Swallowing Training and
Education Portal

Tracy Sippl


Pediatric Communication Therapy

Yao Du


Speech Language Pathologist



Have a Special App Idea? 4 SLPs Share Their App Creation Success Stories

Presenter(s): Emily Ahern, Givona Sandiford, Mary Huston, Yao Du

Date: Mon 4/2 @ 4PM PT / 7:00ET

Description: There is more than one way to create a software application. SLP panelists will share their distinctly different personal success stories from idea conception through development, challenges, and highlight useful app features.

AAC Apps Update 2018

Presenter(s): Luke Steuber, Rachel Madel, Chris Bugaj

Date: Mon 4/2 @ 6PM PT / 9:00ET

Description: It is challenging to stay current on Augmentative and Alternative Communication software applications. Panelists will share their expert recommendations with an emphasis on app features and best practices for integration in clinical practice.

Apps for Bilingual SLPs: Evaluation and Therapy

Presenter(s): Barbara Fernandes

Date: Tues 4/3 @ 4PM PT / 7:00ET

Description: This course will discuss how bilingual/Spanish speaking SLP can use the iPad to evaluate and treat Spanish speaking clients. The presentation will discuss a variety of apps for the pediatric and adult population.

Taking Therapy to the Next Level with Tactus Therapy

Presenter(s): Megan Sutton

Date: Tues 4/3 @ 6PM PT / 9:00ET

Description: Apps are an excellent way to increase the intensity of neurological rehab for adults receiving speech therapy services. Learn about the latest updates and newest apps from Tactus Therapy, one of the leaders in adult speech therapy apps since 2011. See how you can implement evidence-based practice using apps in the clinic and as home practice for your clients. Learn about new features in your favorite aphasia apps while you discover new tools to help you serve your cognitive-communication and dysphagia clients better. Live demos from the app designer help you understand how these apps work and how your work will be enhanced with the use of technology.

Social Media: Apps For Personal, Professional, and Ethical SLPs

Presenter(s): Mai Ling Chan, Danielle Reed, Susan Berkowitz

Date: Wed 4/4 @ 4PM PT / 7:00ET

Description: Social media apps can be used in a variety of ways: building a professional network, furthering clinical knowledge, and connecting clinicians on a personal level. This session will highlight current apps, focusing on usage, messaging, and target audiences. The presenters will also discuss the challenges associated with maintaining professional best practices and ethical considerations.

Spotlight on Speech Apps for Students

Presenter(s): Nikki Heyman, Mandi Schaumburg, Rachel Jones

Date: Wed 4/4 @6PM PT / 9:00ET

Description: Find out which apps are being used and how. Panelists will highlight specific apps recommended for use with students in speech and language intervention. They will also share best practice strategies, identify app features which maximize the success of app integration in clinical practice, and discuss long term needs and responsibilities.

Useful Speech-Language Apps for Telepractice

Presenter(s): Tracy Sippl

Date: Thursday 4/5 @ 4PM PT / 7:00ET

Description: Have you wondered what applications (or Apps) are useful to treat various Speech/Language disorders during teletherapy? Do you have some Apps on your iPad that you would like to share with your clients as part of their treatment but you aren’t sure how? What if I told you there are free Apps available through Google Chrome that can link directly to your Google webpage? Well, hold onto your headset because this 1-hour presentation will discuss how to mirror your iPad, sharing it with your client via your teletherapy platform, as well as how to locate and save useful Google Chrome Apps right on your Chrome webpage for quick and easy access during teletherapy!

Dysphagia App-titude: Use of Apps in the Assessment and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders

Presenter(s): Rinki Desai

Date: Thursday 4/5 @ 6PM PT / 9:00ET

Description: Speech-language pathologists working in medical settings have a majority of their caseload comprising of individuals with dysphagia. As we continue to embrace the use of technology and mobile apps in our day-to-day lives, the integration of apps in our professional lives is also becoming more commonplace. This course will provide participants with an overview of all the currently available dysphagia apps to help guide clinicians in decision-making, assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders.

Therapeutic Gamification Apps for Speech Therapy: Features, Strategies, and Fun!

Presenter(s): Erik Raj / Katie Millican / Summer Loehr / Lauren Enders

Date: Fri 4/6 @ 4PM PT / 7:00ET

Description: Highly interactive software applications are effectively being used in clinical application for speech therapy. In addition to identifying specific apps and highlighting engaging strategies and app features, panelists will also share their recommendations for best practice strategies for clinical integration.

An Overview of Smarty Ears apps for Speech Therapy

Presenter(s): Barbara Fernandes

Date: Fri 4/6 @ 6PM PT / 9:00ET

Description: Smarty Ears has a library of 60 apps for speech, language and communication. This is an overview of all Smarty Ears has available and how to best use Smarty Ears apps in a way to repurpose it to enhance their use.


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